Product Details

Super Market Billing Software

RKV IT Solutions provides a tailor-made software product that can manage everything related to sales like billing, inventory, price-fixing, and financial accounting. Our product is able to operate well more than anything else. Just install our software to save time and also money.

  • Vendor Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Customer Billing
  • Stock Management (Add Item(s) and Purchases)
  • Sales / Balance Report
  • Cash Counter Managementt
  • Unit of Measurement Based Item Management
  • Invoice Printing

Super Market Billing system Overview

This Computer Super Market Billing system will be used for making quotations of requested amount for the user. The billing system will use current system date and time. However its user can manually set the date and time of purchase and can make changes in the amount which will be special feature available in the control panel of this system. Under generating bill section, its user have to make entry in the field of particular model and its serial number after which it will display the brand name of the products, its cost price and service tax. Then after total amount will be generated for total number of products along with the address details of the seller. This system will also include the name, address and mobile number of the customer. Each bill will have a unique number generated by the system automatically.

Software Related Enquiry

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